Unexpected angles

An Unexpected Encounter (the second leg) - reversed

An Unexpected Encounter (the second leg) – reversed

In a mentoring session today Deborah asked what this image would look like on its side, without the suggestion of a linear hierarchy. After a couple of experiments I settled on this configuration, and I’m much happier with it – it reflects more closely the experience I was trying to articulate, a dynamic coalescence rather than a fixed binary reflection. The joys of learning…

4 responses to “Unexpected angles

  1. Does it have to be fixed one way or the other? You can have multiple available perspectives.

    Indeed, utilising technological tools, it could even be in flux between perspectives.

    • Yes, in flux is good. I suppose if I exhibit the work I’ll need to choose how I want people to encounter it. But that needn’t be a fixed thing. What I set out to create was a kind of rotational symmetry, which by nature implies the potentiality of change

      • Perhaps even displayed on some sort of surface that can revolve? Even one that the experiencer can revolve himself?

  2. Interesting, I did not read the placement as hierarchical before, but rather temporal, what is now leaning on what was, the cyclicality of time and experience. On its side the picture looked more hierarchical to me, as one character is walking down (in to hell?) and the other upwards (towards enlightenment?) so there is a hierarchy not of position but of experience – in the upright position both are merely walking along, from A to B. I like the final configuration with writing both ways up.

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