Estuarine spread

It’s some time since my last blog post on Unruly Waters, but I haven’t been far away!

Freshly dredged - the Parrett near Moorland

Freshly dredged (and subsiding?) – the Parrett near Moorland

These past few months have been busy with a wider exploration of water, art and changing landscapes across the Severn catchment and beyond. Highlights have included the Oerol – Sense of Place conference in Terschelling (The Netherlands), High Water Line Bristol, and the launch of Some:when – a socially engaged art project with Seila Fernandez Arconada, conceived in response to the recent flooding on the Somerset Moors and Levels.

This weekend brings a series of creative workshops in Langport, Somerset, followed by a conference in Wells and the surrounding area, and another in Groningen, in the Netherlands. After that I hope to settle down a bit, to focus on my studies – the MSc (Society and Space) at the University of Bristol – though I will still be working on Some:when, and various other projects!


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