mud.0472Welcome to Unruly Waters – an informal space for reflecting on the progress of the Tidal Recall project.

Tidal Recall revisits the absent tides on a canalised stretch of the River Avon, from Bristol and Bath. The riparian corridor has been extensively engineered, but beyond the closely managed confines of the city, extreme weather events reassert the river’s former expansiveness.

The project combines solitary and social modes of enquiry. Through slow travel on foot, bicycle and kayak I explore the river, finding solitude to access that space in which (in the words of geographer John Wylie) the horizons of self and landscape coincide. Enacted in an inhabited environment, however, these journeys-as-performance also create social encounters, letting me get to know the river and its people from multiple viewpoints, sharing perspectives and insights. The ensuing relationships allow a longer connection, creating fertile ground for future co-creative projects.

The project finds articulation in multiple ways, through wandering, conversation, drawing, exhibition and ultimately the co-creation of new work with individuals and groups along the river.

These ideas are in development and I welcome your thoughts, ideas, critique and suggestions.



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